Rose Garden

In Memory of babies who left us too soon.
We will forever feel your presence and love you always

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Our Babies, 2012


Ayla Raine Ferrari

January 6, 2012
Turners Syndrome Mosaic with a
rare Klinefelters Syndrome cell line

To our sweet Baby Angel, you will live forever in our hearts.
We miss you so much every single day.

We love you without measure. XOXOX
Mommy & Daddy

Paul Anthony

January 24, 2012 ~ 26 weeks
Agenesis of the corpus callosum

So small and so beautiful
Such a perfect baby boy
You looked just like your sister when I held you
in my arms for the first and last time
Every day I wish I could hold you
and shower you with kisses
To show you how much I love you...
my sweet angel

Thank you for the few months we spent together
when you were in my belly
Thank you for coming to see me in my dreams
when I so needed to know you were happy in heaven
Thank you for watching over
your big sister and baby brother
You taught us more in your short life than
we could have believed possible
We love you forever and will meet again
when our time on this earth is over

With all our tender, everlasting love

Mummy and Daddy



January 25, 2012
Trisomy 21

Robert there isn't a day gone by that hasn't been
heartbreaking making the decision we had to do.
But as your mom and dad we feel we have
made the best decision for you and for our family.
We will always love you and think of you everyday.
Even though we never got to meet,
we have never loved anything as much as we loved you.
You were only with us for a short time
but you will forever be in our hearts,
our minds and everything we do from now until eternity.

We will meet you again one day and I can't wait to hold you
in my arms and show you the love the we have always felt.

I love you my sweet little boy, till we meet again

Love your mom and dad xoxoxo


Grace Browning

March 1, 2012 ~ 24 weeks
Genesis of the Corpus Callosum
and dysplastic kidneys

"Two paths diverged in the middle of my life,
I heard a wise man say,
I took the road less traveled by
And that's made the difference every night and day"

I gave my tiny flower to God, to bloom in heaven.
I know she is now at rest but words cannot express
how much I wish our path on earth was longer.

With all my love always, my firstborn Grace

Love mummy xxx


Makayla Rose Kuttner

March 17, 2012
Semilobar Holoprosencephaly

Sweet angel, we love and miss you so much,
everyday, every moment.
I would give anything to have you with us now
but God needed another angel.

Love your mom, Maggie


Jacob Macklyn

April 3, 2012
Double Right Outlet heart defect,
Diaphragmatic Hernia

We love you with all our hearts, sweet boy. We miss you every day.
We can't wait to see you in Heaven.

Mommy and Daddy


Layne Charles and Teagan Margaret Daignault

April 6, 2012
Lethal Multiple Ptyregium Syndrome

We miss and think of you everyday.
We love you so much.
Give each other hugs and kisses...

Love, Mommy, Daddy and Courtney


Amber Rose

April 7, 2012
Serious brain abnormalities

To my beautiful girl who I got to hold for just a moment,
which will last me a lifetime till I meet you again.

There is a special Angel in Heaven that is part of me
It is not where I wanted her but where God wanted her to be
She was here but just a moment like a night time shooting star
And though she is in Heaven she isn't very far
She touched the heart of many like only an Angel can do
So I send this special message to the Heaven up above
Please take care of my Angel and send her all my love

Love you forever


Sienna Morgan

April 12, 2012 ~ 21 weeks
Mosaic Trisomy 18

She came and left us like a little lamb
Shielding her face because that wasn’t the plan
For us to see her precious face
An ephemeral spirit
For God to take
But he left behind the deepest love
for a creature so pure we could never of dreamed of…
Rest in peace our sweet little one
We will meet again when the right time comes

All our love,
Sienna's Mommy & Daddy


Aaliyah Rocco

April 14, 2012 ~ 19 weeks 1 day
Spina Bifida (Myelomeningocele), Hydrocephalus,
and an Arnold Chiari II Malformation

I hope you know how much you were wanted and loved.
You will be in our hearts always,
until we meet again...



Lucy Jane Dowd

May 9, 2012
Thanatophoric Dysplasia

"You Touched Our Lives, You Touched Our Hearts, You Are Not Forgotten"

Love You!
Mommy & Daddy xxoo


Hope Molloy

May 31, 2012 ~ 19 weeks
Unbalanced Translocations
of 5th and 12th Chromosomes

Not a day goes by that we won't think of you,
and the joy you brought in your very short time with us.
We love you eternally

Mom, Dad, and Big Sister Stella


Baby Girl

June 10, 2012 ~ 22 weeks
Turner Syndrome, severe heart abnormalities

You will always be a part of me and will never be forgotten
You were perfect in my eyes and please forgive me
for having to make such an impossible choice.

Love Mummy xx


Timothy Augustine Peace

June 13, 2012 ~ 22 weeks
Cystic Hygroma, CHD, Dysplastic Kidneys
and multiple other defects

Some say they are too beautiful for this Earth,
others say they are so special God hand picks them as His Angels.
However you phrase it, Heaven has its newest Angel Baby... mine.
Even the smallest of feet have the power to leave an everlasting footprint on this world.
We Love you and miss you more than words can say. You are forever in our hearts.

Mom and Dad


Our Daughter

July 6, 2012 ~ 20 weeks
Trisomy 21, heart and brain abnormalities

There are no words to express this... I think about you every single minute of every single day. I miss feeling you kick inside of me, and I miss thinking about the person you could have become. Letting you go and trying to spare you a life of suffering was the hardest thing we've ever done. We will never, ever, ever forget you.

Love, Mom and Dad



August 2, 2012 ~ 18 weeks
Spina Bifida (myelomeningocele),
Severe Hydrocephalus and Chiari II Malformation

Sweet baby girl your presence brought us all so much happiness
It was so hard for us to let you go
We know now that you were created to be our angel
to watch over us always and forever
We Love You

Mommy and Daddy



August 2, 2012
Trisomy 13

I'm sorry you couldn't stay with me.
I wanted you to so bad. I'll miss you.

Love you forever, Mommy


Rilynne Rose Sipe

August 9, 2012

I have realized that God was not ready to let you come
into this scary world and he has a different plan for you.
When I found out that I was pregnant with you,
I was so happy because that's the one thing I
have wanted all my life was to be a mommy.
I just never expected to be the mommy of my guardian angle.

Mommy and Daddy love you more then you could ever know
and you will be in our hearts forever my sweet baby girl.


Our Baby Boy

October 3, 2012
Spina Bifida (myelomeningocele)
and A. Chiari II malformation

To our sweet angel baby...
letting you go, in hopes of sparing you a life of suffering,
was the hardest thing we've ever had to do.
We hope you know how much we wanted you.
We hope you know that our decision was made out of love.
We will never, ever forget you.
Your spirit will always live on in our hearts and minds.
We miss you and love you so much.
We will meet again one day,
and we look forward to kissing you and holding you close.
Until then, rest in peace, my love.

Love, Mommy and Daddy


Emily Jordyn Victoria-Wong

October 12, 2012 ~ 13 weeks

Goodbye my sweet angel (aka: Daddy's "Lil' Peanut")
We love you so much, our precious Baby Girl.
You were a perfect blessing who will ALWAYS be in our
prayers & our hearts forever...Until we meet again.

Love always,
Mommy & Daddy


For "Stormageddon" Finkbeiner

October 12, 2012 ~ 20 weeks
Heterotaxy/dextrocardia with complete heart blockage and hydrops

I will always be sad you didn't get to be our baby.
You were going to be our proof that sometimes things
work out better than we thought,
and now you're the opposite.
We wanted to be your parents and help you be whoever you were going to be.
We wanted to teach you how to grow tomatoes and how to read,
how to play soccer, how to do math. How to work hard for what you want.
How to love somebody, and how to let them love you back.
How to live in this crazy, sad world we helped make.
We're not going to get to do any of that with you.
We're going to remember you, and the promise of you.
We see you in the way the trees lose their leaves,
and the tomato plants wither, every year,
in the way the waves sneak up the shore and slip back again,
in the way the sun goes across the sky and the wind sweeps between our fingers.
We see the promise of you in the face of every baby, and every child,
and our hearts break again every time that happens.
Missing you hurts so much it takes our breath away.
I'm sorry I couldn't fix you and make you better, or find someone who could.

We will love you always,
your mom Sarah and your dad Josh


Kaden McNeill

October 14, 2012
Trisomy 21 and heart problems

Our lil baby boy
Mummy and daddy miss you so much
You were alaways wanted,
We will miss you forever.
We will never forget you,
You are always in our hearts and always will be.
I'm glad we got to hold you,
we will get to hold you again one day xxx

Love you always
mummy and daddy


Ava Elizabeth McGowan

October 18, 2012

Our sweet Ava, you are forever our miracle angel.
We miss you every second of the day!
Until we meet again...

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy


Keeley Dawn Schultz

October 18, 2012
Trisomy 13

"What began in the heart lives forever."

We love you more than anything in the world.

Love forever and always,
Mommy, Daddy & Big brother Bradley


Our precious little Girl

November 9, 2012 ~ 16 weeks
Cystic hygroma and severe hydrops

Your mummies will forever love you
and you will hold a special place
in their hearts forever and always.
You are no longer in pain our little angel,
you are now free and I know that your great
grandmother will be looking after you in Heaven now.

We love you so much beautiful girl xxxxx


Our Baby Girl

November 14, 2012 ~ 13 weeks
Trisomy 13

You will always be in our hearts.

Mommy and Daddy


Baby A

November 15, 2012 ~ 15 weeks
Trisomy 21

You were a surprise but welcomed and loved.
Our hearts ached with sadness for you
when we learned that you would have a lifetime
of physical and cognitive disabilities.
We miss you every day and
know that you have been made perfect in Heaven
where you join your older sibling.

We will love you forever. Until we meet again...
Dad, Mom



December 05, 2012
Fryns syndrome

We truly hope that you felt nothing but
We truly hope that you felt nothing but
our warmth and safety;
that we took away your pain
and we were the chosen one
to be blessed by your preciousness.
Our-little-one – you are not alone;
a part of us is with you.



Evelyn Coull

December 13, 2012 ~ 14 weeks
Sacrococcygeal teratoma with fetal hydrops

In loving memory of our Angel Evelyn,

Love Mommy and Daddy


Clover Janelle

December 18, 2012 ~ 19 weeks
Spina Bifida mylomeningocele

Fly free our darling little girl.
You are in our hearts forever.

Hugs and kisses,
Mommy and Daddy


Veronica “Ronnie” Perez Wolfe

December 19, 2012
Congenital brain defect,
absent cavum septum pellucidum
complete agenesis of the corpus callosum

Veronica “Ronnie” Perez Wolfe born and died on Dec. 19, 2012.
She was 1 lb. 3 oz. and 11.5 inches long.
We felt her heart beat.
She was alive when we met her.
She was beautiful.

There is no pain deeper than a loss of a child.
She will not be replaced and forgotten.
We find comfort in knowing that love was all she knew.

Our dearest Ronnie, we are richer by far to have
held you a moment than never to have held you at all.

We love you.
Kevin, Lyn and Max Wolfe