Rose Garden

In Memory of babies who left us too soon.
We will forever feel your presence and love you always

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Our Babies, 2008


Our Baby Boy

January 16, 2008, ~ 19 weeks

I have held you close
And breathed your name, my dear
I was with you then
And will remain, my dear
But love is letting go
And this I'll know
Is you were mine
For a time

You'll be forever in our hearts, little one.
Love, Mommy


Ethan James

January 16, 2008 ~ 12 weeks
T21 and heart defects

One day we will be together again. We love you.


Baby Kate

January 23, 2008

We know one day we will hold you in heaven. We love and miss you.

Mommy, Daddy and your Big Sister Allison


Baby Grace

January 26, 2008 ~ 23 Weeks
Hydrocephalus and Dandy Walker Variant

Our lives are forever changed with the few minutes we got to spend with you
We wanted you so badly. We wanted the best life for you, not one filled with pain
We will miss you and love you forever. Our sweet little Baby Grace.

Love Mommy and Daddy


Joslyn Lee

January 29, 2008 ~ 23 weeks
Body Stalk Anomaly, Short Umbilical Cord Syndrome

I am so saddened that you are not able to be held and loved by your Mom
She never really knew you, but loved you so very much
She would have been such a great Mom
I know that you are in heaven with the angels and
I know that your wings will brush your mother's tears away.

I love you,


Lindsey Winn

February 3, 2008 ~ 26 weeks

Born with brother Logan, Lindsey left this earth to be rocked in the arms of Jesus.
She was never held by her parents but she was loved as though she had been here forever.
Her parents miss her so very much and will always have her in their hearts.
Grandparents never got the blessing of seeing her, but love her very much.
Lindsey will have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends
who will miss her terribly but will dance with her in heaven some day.

She will be missed...
Aunt Sherry


Precious Baby Michael Panuccio

February 4, 2008 ~ 21 weeks
Trisomy 18

To our very special Angel Michael. Mummy and daddy had to make the hardest decision of our lives saying goodbye to you. We made the heartwrenching decision with your best interests at heart but please know we miss you so much and not a day goes by that mummy and daddy don’t mention you and think of you . Mummy longs to hold you in her arms and your brothers talk of you all the time. Those few moments with you mummy and daddy will cherish forever and you,our precious angel will never be forgotten xxxx

Mummy and daddy and your 2 Brothers


Leo “Tigger” Amiss

February 6, 2008 ~ 13 weeks
Giant Omphalocele,
heart and lung defects

You bounced in and out of our lives and
We will never again be the same
Just know that you are loved and remembered
By each person who whispers you name

Until we meet again, I know Nana Cilla
is giving you all the love I’m sending! xxxx


Declan Noah Marsden

February 11, 2008 ~ 21 weeks
Spina bifida

Born Alive in mummys arms
went to sleep peacefully in our arms
you will always be perfect to us our little angel
you are my light at the end of this tunnel that we call life
until we meet again...

you will be sadly missed by your 2 older brothers Jarred and Lachlan
love you always and forever mummy and daddy xxxx


Llywellyn Yoshikawa-Humphreys

February 12, 2008 ~ 22 Weeks
Trisomy 21

Always wanted, forever loved

Mommy, Daddy, and Aiko


Sayid Ryan Siddiq

Feb. 21,2008 ~ 19 weeks
Down Syndrome

My dear baby boy, I will forever miss you and wonder who you would have been
We were together for a very short time but you will always be my baby boy
I love you and miss you



Aleah Grace

Feb. 26, 2008

Momma loves you so very much
You were my only girl
My heart aches for you but I take comfort
in knowing that you will never have to face pain
You have your big brother there with you
One day I will hold you both in Heaven....

We love you baby girl.
Momma, Daddy, & Dylan


Precious Baby Bufalino

February 29, 2008

Our little baby was given wings and went to heaven at 13 weeks.
We will always treasure your memory and the precious three months we had with you.
You will always be our first child and our precious Angel.
Watch over us sweet baby until we meet again.

Lots of Love,
Mummy and Daddy xxx


My Beautiful Baby Boy

March 6, 2008 ~ 23 weeks
Double Outlet Right Ventricular and Pulmonary Atresia

I'm sorry that you were sick. I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you more.
I'm sorry that I never got to see your beautiful face.
Or hold you in my arms, even for a minute.
I’m sorry that I never got the chance to sing you to sleep,
to see you grow up, to kiss you and tell you how much I love you
and how much I miss you more and more each day.
But what I'm not sorry about is the time that you spent in my belly,
short as it was, that was the happiest time of my life.

With all the love in the world,


Baby Blue

March 14, 2008 ~ 13 weeks

We miss you so much.
Please ask God to give you a kiss from Mommy.
I didn't get a chance.



Baby Nina

March 14, 2008 ~ 27 weeks 6 days
Trisomy 13

We will always love you little angel.

Love Mommy and Daddy


Baby Boy Achen

March 19, 2008 ~ 19 weeks

We love you so much, and Alec and Gavin were so looking forward to being your big brothers. We are so sorry we never got to hold you, see you, watch you grow and play like other little boys. You will be in our hearts forever, never forgotten.

Love you always,
Mommy, Daddy, Alec, and Gavin


Our baby girl

April 9, 2008
Turner Syndrome

The worst day of my life
I suffered so you will never have to
Go to heaven where you are perfect

I love you and will never forget you


Brock Dail White

April 26, 2008 ~ 17 weeks

You are our angel baby forever.

Nana Lu


Emily Grace

April 29th 2008 ~ 20 weeks
Encephelocele and other brain malformations

Knowing that I will never in this life see or hold you makes me sad,
but I am happy to know that you are forever with Jesus
You were made for Heaven How special you must be.
Our precious daughter, whom we are proud to call our angel watching over us.

We love you very much!
Mommy, Daddy and your two big sisters


Baby Brian

May 1, 2008 ~ 19 weeks
Trisomy 21

We only held you in our arms for a short while
but you have touched our hearts forever!

A million times we’ll miss you, a million times we’ll cry.
If loving could have saved you, you never would have died.
In life we love you dearly, in death we love you too.
In our hearts there is an empty place, no one could fill but you.

Love Mommy, Daddy, Big Brother and Big Sister


Zander Ryan Biggins

May 22nd 2008 ~ 21 weeks
Potter Syndrome

I think about you day and night and wonder "Why Me?",
I wanted you so very much my precious baby.
At least I had the chance to hold you and feel your touch.
And to tell you to remember Mommy loves you very much.
I know they say with time the pain will go away.
But my love and memories for you will always stay.
I wanted so much to hear you laugh and cry,
so many dreams have just passed me by.
I know I must let go and begin to move on,
but I don't know how to say goodbye...
(Author Unknown)

We love you so much Zander
We hope God has taken you under His Wing
There will NEVER be a day that goes by
that you are not in our hearts and thoughts!
With Love
Your Mommy and Daddy and Big Sis Maddisyn



May 29, 2008 ~ 24 weeks
Trisomy 21 and Heart Defects

We never wanted to see you suffer
and that is why we had to let you go
You will always be in our hearts

We Love You So Much,
Mommy and Daddy


Ava Grace

June 4, 2008
Acrania and Open Spinal Column

I'm so sorry this has happened to you,
Please tell God to kiss your face,
hands and teeny tiny little feet,
as I was not able to
Mommy loves you so so much,
and I will never forget you
You will always be in my heart!

Mommy, Daddy, Allyson and Natalie


Baby Samuel

June 4, 2008 ~ 23 weeks

Forever Loved
You'll always be with us,
until we meet again.

Love Mum and Dad


Baby Kristian

June 5, 2008 ~ 13 weeks
Trisomy 7 & 21

We love and miss you every single day, our sweet baby boy.
We never got to hold you, kiss you or watch you play with your big brother,
but you are forever in our hearts and a beloved member of our family.
We suffer every day without you but have peace knowing that you will never suffer in this world.
I pray you feel our love for you and know how very much you are missed.

Mommy, Pappa, and Daniel


Matilda Arella Neville

June 13, 2008 ~ 32 weeks
Body stalk anomaly

I love you and I miss you so bad!
Not a day goes by that I don't think about you
and that beautiful face with your mommy's mouth and daddy's nose
You were a precious gift that came for a visit before you were flown to Heaven
I am glad that we held you and I hope you knew that you were loved here too
I know God is holding you in His hand
Give Grandpa J a kiss for me, Angel
I will see you one day soon enough!

Love always,



June 24, 2008

Major Encephalocele

You were a unexpected blessing in our lives
You will always be in our hearts and always a part of our family
Sadly, we never got to meet you
but we wanted you to have the best life possible
not one filled with pain and suffering
We know you are in heaven now with the rest of our family
You will always be our guardian angel
We miss you & love you very much

Mommy, Daddy & Big Sister Maddie.


Dearest Carter

July 1 2008 ~ 20 weeks
Trisomy 18

Even though we never got to see or hold you please know that we miss you very much
You are my fourth child, boy number three!
You and your brothers and sister would have had such a great time together!
Bradley was so excited for a boy, Emmett asked about what you were doing every
day while you were in my belly and said that he loved you and Brianna would have
been the most loving little sister that any little boy could know!
Daddy was so excited that he was having another boy and couldn't wait till you were here
We will see you again someday and we miss and love you very much
Please know that you are loved and never going to be forgotten!

Mommy, Daddy, Bradley, Emmett and Brianna


Precious Baby Zanetti

July 2, 2008 ~ 22 weeks
Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

You were loved from the very beginning, and for the five months that you lived inside me. I never got to see your little face, or cuddle you, but you were my baby who will always have a special place in our hearts.

Rest in peace our beautiful son. Until we meet again,
Mommy, Daddy, Mikey and Matty.


Achilles Rodolfo Cordini

July 3, 2008 ~ 12 weeks
Spina Bifida

Our precious baby boy
We wanted you so much
In three months you gave me a joy that I have never known
a love that I have never felt and in losing you
the deepest sadness and sorrow that one could never imagine
We made the choice to send you to heaven
so you would never have to experience pain
We wanted you to have the body that you deserved
We want you to run and play in heaven and be free
We had the pleasure of watching you on the ultrasound twice
and will cherish those memories forever
We will hold you one day,
until then, you have a wonderful family in heaven

We love you more than words can express
Mommy and Daddy


Our twin angels ~ Manuel "Manny" & Rogelio "Ross" Garcia

July 11, 2008
Premature rupture of membranes, Sepsis

My water bag broke on twin Manny, I contracted sepsis,
and my twin angels had to be taken out 4 days shy of breathing on their own.
Manny & Ross, mommy and daddy and big brother D.J. & Frankie miss you so much.
We all talk to you both just about everyday.

I am truly convinced that your spirits are in here in them everyday.
As I caress your brothers face at night while they are asleep,
I close my eyes and swear that I am touching your faces.
I feel your love and presence in them everyday.
I love you my beautiful twin angels.

mommy and daddy & big brothers


Emma Lindsay Warch

July 17, 2008 ~ 23 1/2 weeks
Trisomy 18

You were our first child
I am so glad I was able to hold you
We miss you and will always love you

Mommy and Daddy


Lily-Ann Lake

August 1, 2008 ~ 23 weeks
Trisomy 13

I cry for you everyday
I hope you forgive me and understand why we made the decision we did
We chose for you to have no pain and for us to feel it instead
You were the little girl we always wanted...I wished for you
I will love you forever and cant wait for the day I can hold you in my arms
for one day we will be together again

Love you always
Mommy, Daddy and your big brother Hunter


Baby Jack

August 7, 2008 ~ 31 weeks
septo-optic dysplasia & bilateral schizencephaly

We love you & miss you so much our beautiful baby boy
We couldn't let you suffer
We know you are in heaven with Jesus
and we will see you one day

Lots of Love,
Mommy Jennifer, Daddy Marcos & Grandma Linda


Our Sweet Little Angel

August 9, 2008 ~ 22.5 weeks
Severe Ventriculomegaly and Hydrocephalus

Your time with us was too short, yet sweet
But we’re glad we had the chance to kiss your tiny feet
When we found out about you, it was the greatest news we could hear
But now that you’re gone, we can’t seem to stop the tears
To feel your slight kicks brought a smile to our faces
For the 5 ½ months I got to carry you, we will forever embrace
Please don’t fear, our sweet Angel, for God has you now
We have to be strong for you, we’re just not quite sure how
We’ll love you forever and cherish what we had
You’ll forever be Our Sweet Angel Katrina
Love always, your Mom and Dad

We love and miss you so very much, our beautiful baby girl
You are our first born and you will forever be in our hearts
Love you forever and ever, Mommy and Daddy


Baby Max

August 16, 2008
Spina bifida

You will be in our hearts forever
We love you and miss you every day
We will never forget you or how you
touched our lives for such a short time

love mum, dad, Hamish and Kiara


Tommy Gabriel

August 20, 2008
T21 and kidney abnormalities

How quietly he tiptoed into our world.
Softly, only a moment he stayed,
but what an imprint his footprints have left upon our hearts.

Forever in our hearts
Love mum,dad and brothers xxxx


Our little Angel, Jack Lang

August 24, 2008 ~ 30 weeks
so close, yet so far...

Prayers weren't enough sweetheart,
I wanted you more than words can say
Not a baby, but you, my darling boy.
You are ALWAYS on my mind &
my heart is yours, completely.



Hope Charlet-Ksyniuk

September 10, 2008 ~ 14 1/2 weeks
Trisomy 21

To our dearest sweet baby girl Hope:
You were our first precious baby.
How very softly you tiptoed into our lives, almost silently,
only a moment you stayed but what an imprint your footprints have left on our hearts.
We choose to suffer so you won’t have to little one.
You are safely in Jesus’ arms now, we will think of you every day.
Watch over us until the day when we can finally hold you in our aching arms.
In time the hurting will cease, the healing will start,
you’re in our minds, always in our hearts.
The time has come to say our good-byes,
for that is what happens when a loved baby dies.

We love you so much,
Mommy and daddy, big sisters Tiana and Tarissa, And Taffy


Our precious darling

September 20, 2008

The day they told us that your heart was too broken, My heart broke too
We love you, and miss you, & will never forget you.
We were blessed with the chance to deliver you, see you, hold you & say goodbye.

Loving you always precious one
Mommy & Daddy


Hope Allen

September 23, 2008

Our baby girl, you were taken from us the time wasn't right
spread your wings and fly to the light
god needed you now, heaven couldn't wait
up through the clouds and walk through the gate.
Mommy and daddy miss you but we'll see you someday
we will get to talk to you, to hold you and play.
Be patient baby for your dad and your mom will never
forget you our first little one.

Love always your mommy and daddy


Kayla Warriner

October 24, 2008 ~13 weeks
Turner's Syndrome

It has been a week since we lost our precious Kayla.
I have done an academy award winning
performance of drowning my feelings.
Today they have surfaced like a raging tsunami of tears.
Today I realized I will never hold my baby girl.
I will never be able to kiss her forehead and wish her sweet dreams.
I will never cradle her in my arms and sing her a lullaby.
Today I feel my endless emptiness.
Kayla no matter where life takes us
always know you were our first baby.
Be a good girl in Heaven.
Spread those wings God gave you and fly my baby girl.
God needed a beautiful angel like you.
You are our star in the sky we will wish upon.

Mommy and daddy love you. Lava and Lobo wuf you too.


Sweet Lily Faith

October 29, 2008 ~ 19 1/2 weeks
Turner's Syndrome

To our sweet baby girl...
Sweet little flower of heavenly birth,
you were too fair to bloom on earth.
Your name means "beautiful" and "innocent".
We chose this name for you because of these words.
You were just an innocent little baby
who was only in our lives for a brief moment,
but you were more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.
Holding you and seeing your sweet face
will forever be a precious moment in our lives.
You were so very tiny, but we could see
that you had your daddy's nose and mouth.
Knowing you are in heaven
where there is no pain or suffering is such a comfort.
Mommy and Daddy will hold you again one day.

All our love, Mommy and Daddy


Luke Foster

October 30, 2008
Cystic hygroma and severe hypoplastic left heart syndrome

Born into Heaven
Always loved & forever wanted

Love, Mommy


Susan Emilie

November 5, 2008
Trisomy 21

Our precious New Baby - you will always be in our hearts.
We love you and will never forget you.

Love, Mommy, Daddy, Big Brother and Big Sister


Stanley Matias Porter

November 7, 2008 ~ 20 weeks
Trisomy 21

My darling little baby boy,
you are by far the greatest love and joy of my entire life.
I think of you and miss you every moment of every day.
My heart aches constantly for you.
Until we can finally be together in heaven,
please visit me often in my dreams.

I love you very much,
your mommy


Baby Twin Boys

November 21,2008
Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus

My precious baby boys I think of you every day
I wish you would be here with us,
but also know your in a better place.
you'll never be forgotten but sadly missed always.
with all my love until I'm with you again.

Love mommy, daddy and your two big brothers. XO


Serenity Meequan Tait

November 22, 2008

My little Angel, My very own little angel..
I will always miss you and love you and
we will cherish the few hours we had with you..

We always will love you


Angel Kyle Christian Frendo

November 24, 2008 ~ 33 Weeks
Bilateral renal cystic dysplasia kidneys

Dear Kyle Mummy and Daddy love you a lot. You will always be in our heart and thoughts, you was our first baby and we are very proud to be you parents our sweet Angel. God wanted mummy and daddy to have their son as their guardian Angel. We will never forget the happiness and joy we felt in our heart when we first heard your heart beat and felt the kicks in my tummy.I always prayed God to help you with your problem till I could give you my kidneys, I was ready to die for you to give you a better life without pain. At least I had a chance to know you and hold you in my arms,you was a very beautiful baby, I wish the world had stopped that day. You are an Angel in heaven now, receiving the best love that someone could receive, our holy father and holy mother's love. Hope to see you again one day and I'm sure we'll will never stop hugging and kissing you our sweet Angel. Pray for you mummy and daddy to have a good life together and to have a good tests results and have healthy brothers and sisters.

LOVE YOU ALWAYS and there's always
a special place for you in our heart.

mum and dad


Baby Isabella

November 25, 2008 ~ 15 weeks
Trisomy 21

To our special little girl.
You are our miracle, our greatest joy
and your loss our greatest sadness.
I hope you know how much we love you.

Mummy and Daddy



December 12, 2008 ~ 20 weeks
Bilateral Renal Agenesis

How very softly you tiptoed into my world,
Almost silently and only a moment you stayed
But what an imprint your footprints have left on my heart

You will always be loved and remembered
by your mom, dad and big sister


Jolene Noelle

December 19, 2008

Our precious baby girl, you were very wanted and very loved.
Mommy and Daddy love you so much,
you will forever be in our hearts
and we'll be together again one day soon.

Love Mommy and Daddy