Rose Garden

In Memory of babies who left us too soon.
We will forever feel your presence and love you always

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Please include your loss date, as that is how we organize memorials.


Our Babies, 2007


Jordan Briana Szebenyi

January 4th 2007 ~ 22 weeks
Down syndrome, Severe Heart Malformations

We should be celebrating your second birthday.
Not a day goes by that Mommy and Daddy do not miss you and love you.
Your big sister Halee knows that you are an angel, and she knows
that the beautiful tree that Daddy planted in the front yard is for you.
It blooms beautiful pink flowers in the spring right around your due date.
Letting you go was the most heartbreaking decision of our lives
but we have comfort in knowing that you did not suffer.
You will live in our hearts forever.

We love you baby girl
Love, Mommy, Daddy and Halee


Diego Solana Valencia

January 8, 2007 ~ 22 weeks

Trisomy 21

Dearest baby, I never got to hold you in my arms, but you are my baby. I wonder what you would have looked like. Daddy and I made a painful choice to spare you a lifetime of suffering and pain. You will always be in my heart and never far from my thoughts.

Love you,
Mommy, Daddy and your brother and sister


Baby Gavin Jacob

January 24, 2007~20 weeks
Hydrocephaly, Encephalocele Occipital & Other Anomalies

You were never in our arms, but you will always be in our hearts.

Daddy, Mommy & Big Brother Matthew


Sara Elaine

Feb 1, 2007

Severe Spina Bifida, Hydrocephelus, Arnold Chiari Malformation, Brain Damage


Eugene Taylor

February 7, 2007 ~ 21 Weeks

We are in the very beginning of experiencing all that you have to offer us. Everything is still so new that it is difficult to determine how best to honor you. When the time is right, your beautiful images will be displayed. Until then, I hope that you can feel that you are deeply loved and thought of every day.


Our Baby Boy Cleary

February 10, 2007 ~ 20 weeks

Trisomy 18, Omphalocele

We are so very sorry that we had to let you go. We wanted to hold you in our arms, play with you, and watch you grow. I will never forget the first time I felt you move in my tummy, and the times I read to you. You moved so much when you heard my voice. Your daddy would rub my belly and loved watching it get bigger day by day. The first time we saw your face on ultrasound it was the face of a Angel. God gave you to us for a short time but the memories will last forever. We know that you are not hurting anymore and you are being held in Jesus's arms. Your daddy and I will walk all over Heaven with you one day, but for now just know that you are loved and will always be in our hearts.

Love forever precious baby boy,
Your Mommy and Daddy


Our precious little girl

February 20, 2007


Our precious, precious little girl. We wanted you so bad, but we didn’t want you to suffer. We hope you felt our love when we held you. We so badly wanted to be able to take you home. It wasn’t to be that way. We will hold your delicate memory in our hearts forever. We love you so much. We hope you are at peace now.

Love forever,
Mummy, Daddy and Dean XXXXX



February 21st 2007 ~ 21 weeks

Severe IUGR

Our little boy! We were so excited to be having a 4th son. We were then told that you were very sick and wouldn't survive much longer in utero. Our hearts were broken. We made an excruciatingly diificult decision to send you to be with God. You are in our hearts forever.

We love you!
Mom, Dad, and three brothers,


Wesley Ethen Ray

February 24, 2007

Cystic Fibrosis

Our precious baby boy. Your life was cut so short by such an unfortunate incurable disease. I just hope that you will always know how much your mommy and daddy truly love you and we only did what we had to do to spare you from a short life full of pain and suffering. You were so wanted by everyone in both of our families but we had to do what was right for you. For we never held you in our arms but we will forever hold you in our hearts. Rest easy, precious baby boy for you are in the arms of the Lord now and forever, never to suffer or be in any pain. We love you so much Wesley.

Mommy and Daddy


Angelia Hope

February 28, 2007 ~ 26 weeks

Trisomy 21

To our precious angel, we thank you for all that you taught us during your brief existence. We will always love you and will miss you every day of our lives.

Mommy and Daddy


Toren Richard Gable

March 4, 2007 ~ 33 weeks

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Tracheoesophageal Fistula

We loved you so much little man that we didn't want you to suffer one day on this earth. We accepted what God's plan was for you. Daddy and I know we will see you again.

All our love, Toren!


Our Little One

March 5, 2007

Trisomy 21

We wanted you so much. We chose the best life we felt we could for you, and it breaks our hearts that it isn’t here with us. We made this difficult decision because we love you and didn’t want you to ever have to suffer. We miss you terribly and you will always have a home in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts.

Mom and Dad


Ceanna Marie Gwinn

March 12, 2007

Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome

I miss my Ceanna Marie so very
much with all of my heart
I cry every single day ...
I will forever love my butterfly


Baby Aaron Joshua

March 23, 2007 ~ 22 weeks
Trisomy 18

Aaron, you left an empty crib of blue,
unopened gifts of baseball mitts and blankies,
unhugged teddies and lambies,
unseen rainbows and starlight... And mostly,
an empty space in our hearts.

Love To You In The Next World,
Mommy, Daddy, Aunty and brother Joshua


Samuel Linley Wade

March 30, 2007 ~ 16 weeks


Dearest Samuel, we have such a void in our hearts without you. I know you are in Heaven in Jesus's arms and I wait for the day when I can hold you in my arms. While we will never understand why, we know that you are perfectly formed in Heaven. I will forever remember your sweet hand waving to me on the ultrasound.

We love you
Mommy, Daddy and Kylie



April 13, 2007
Fragile X

Mommy knew exactly when she was first pregnant with you. I went that day and bought a test and that night and bought a book for you. I'd write everyday in it so one day when you were grown up you could read about how excited I was to have you. And how much I loved you. I was so scared to tell your Grandpa I was pregnant. I wrote him a letter and left it out for him to find! Even though I was so poor then, by the time you were one month old in my belly you had more clothes than I did.

But I knew that your uncle was sick. And I was so afraid that you would be sick too. I prayed everyday... every minute I was awake that you would be okay. I knew how hard your uncle's life is. He can't talk or tell anyone when he is hurting. I didn't want that for you. Even though I never met you I have never, ever came close to loving anyone as much as I loved you.

When the doctor called me and told me that you were sick, I was driving down the road. Mommy cried and cried for a long long time. And so did your Granny and Great Granny. Baby, I did not want you to suffer. I couldn't let you suffer.

I don't know why some people get sick and some people don't. But I want you to know I love you still so much to this day and I can't wait to see you. I can't wait to hug you and see you and your uncle together with perfect bodies and perfect minds. I miss you. I wonder if you look like your mommy. I wonder if you act like me. Every time I see little boys I think about you and I miss you.

You are always my baby and until we meet and forever after I'll be your mommy.


Connor Riley Innes

April 18 2007

A baby boy named Connor Riley Innes

Connor Riley's Parents


Arjun Das Singh Taggar

May 23, 2007 ~ 23 weeks

Dearest Baby Arjun, holding you in my arms for such a short time only made the pain of losing you even stronger. Mummy and daddy made choices they thought were right for you. We didn't want you to suffer. Our little Angel, you fell asleep never to wake again. One day we will all be together again. Until then we carry a heavy heart with the pain of losing you and being without you in our everyday lives. But be sure sweet baby you are never far from our thoughts and that we love you dearly. Till we meet again, sleep well, may the Gods watch over you.

Mummy, Daddy and sister Amaya xxx


Miguel Angel

May 5, 2007 ~ 18 weeks

Trisomy 18/Hydrocephaly

My little angel, the most precious & wonderful thing that ever happened to me - You died before I even got a chance to see you.

I never will hold you or see your little face kiss you. However, I will never forget you, or forget the day I heard your heart for the first time - the most wonderful and exciting moment in my life.

You will always be in our hearts.

Love, Hugs, Kisses - you live in my heart,
Mom & Dad


Jessica Nicole

May 22, 2007 ~ 21 weeks

I wish our story had a perfect ending. I know that my angels heaven are taking care of you better then we could on earth. We miss you everyday. I will always know that I have three children, two that I can feel and one that I will always feel in my heart! Never will I stop thinking of you. Someday we will meet. I look forward to that moment.


Baby David

May 30, 2007 ~ 21 weeks

Spina bifida with ventriculomegaly

Out of love you came to be, Out of love you were set free, Our love for you will never cease.

We miss you and love you forever, our first born, sweet Baby David Arlin.

Our hearts will be whole when we meet again.

Mommy and Daddy


Caitlyn Grace

June 6, 2007 ~ 25 weeks

Severe Osteogenesis Imperfecta

My precious baby girl, we will never forget you or the life lessons you have taught us. Although our hearts are forever broken, we find solace in the fact that we'll see you in heaven one day. Your mommy and daddy love you so much, and we miss you every single day.


Sarah Elizabeth Keller

June 12, 2007 ~ 24 weeks

Holoprosencephaly and Hydrocephalus

Our precious baby girl, Mommy and Daddy made the most difficult choice when we passed you on to Heaven; a choice that was made out of our love for you. We did not want you to suffer. Please know that you were so wanted and are so loved. Mommy and Daddy will always cherish holding you in our arms and kissing you good-bye. Our hearts cry out to you with every beat. You are Mommy's first born - my greatest joy and you will forever be Daddy's little girl. We miss you and love you with all our hearts.

Love always and forever,
Mommy, Daddy and big sisters Allyson and Katelyn


Gracie Ann Laprise

June 20, 2007 ~ 22 weeks

Cervical Teratoma

Our first baby, our first little girl, although you were with us for such a short time, you have taught us so much about ourselves, about life and love and of course loss. We will forever love and remember you Gracie, our baby sugar; until we meet again one day in Heaven where we will hold and cradle you in our arms.

We love you now and forever.
Mommy and Daddy


Our First Baby

June 29th 2007 ~ 13 weeks


We miss you so much but we will meet one day, you will always be with us, you will always be our first baby.

Your family


Erin Isibeal Bergman

June 29, 2007

Never in our arms, Always in our hearts

Mommy, Daddy, and big brother Rhys


Molly Grace

June 30, 2007 ~ 23 weeks

Trisomy 13

A poem for Molly

Our sweet daughter
We watched each week as you grew.
Heard your heartbeat,
Saw your smile.
You rubbed your eyes,
You held your feet.
We felt your kicks and turns.
A little sister, you would have been.

We gazed upon your face
So tiny, so precious, so beautiful.
Your little fingers,
Your little toes
Such a sweetness about you.

Peacefulness surrounds you.
Eyes closed,
Forever asleep.
Never to hear your cry, your laugh.
We hold you,
We cherish you.

Even though our time with you was short,
You are very much loved
And will always be remembered.
You are our daughter, our baby.
So wanted, so loved.

Mommy, Daddy, and Sister Emma


Tyler Michael

July 2, 2007 ~ 24 weeks

Genetic heart defect, Hydrocephaly, and other anomalies

I think of you everyday and see your face in the face of your twin brother. Your older brother knows you are in heaven, and knows you are the guardian angel of your twin. You are a constant in my thoughts and I pray that you watch over us until I am able to hold you in my arms forever. Until then, know that you are so deeply loved, and were always wanted.

Mommy, Daddy, Brogan and Hunter



July 5, 2007

Spina Bifida, Chiari Malformation

My much loved second baby boy, I know that you now have no limitations in body or mind. May your spirit be free and full of bliss.

We love you!


Lucas Emilio Jesus Santos

July 7, 2007

Love always,
Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister Makenna Santos


Destiny O'Trinity Purvis

July 12, 2007 ~ 20 weeks

Trisomy 13

We will always love you baby girl! See you again in Heaven one day!

Love You Always and Forever
Mommy, Daddy, big sister Shamari


Clara Rose Cameron-LeBlanc

July 25, 2007 ~ 20 weeks

Turner's syndrome

My second. My beloved. Blessed be.


Mia Isabella

August 17, 2007

To our little girl, I'm sorry we had to make such a difficult choice to let you go. There isn't a day that goes by, that I don't miss feeling you in my tummy. I wished I could have held you in my arms. I wished I could have felt your little hands in my hands. You will be forever in my heart. Every day you will be with me, forever held close. I love you with all my soul.

We love you,
Mommy, Daddy and Sister Alivia


Baby Boy Egan

August 17, 2007
Trisomy 18

You are our baby born to be an angel.
We love you and miss you every day.

Mommy, Daddy, Daniel, Sarah, Shannon, Dash


Triston Steven Perez Mercado

August 19, 2007

We will meet someday, but know that you will always be in my thought and in my prayers. You were my first love and always will be even though we never met, but our hearts met. Till we meet again.

Love, Mommy


Michael Drury

August 22, 2007 ~ 17 weeks, 3 days

Holoprosencephaly and Hydrocephalus

To our angel watching over us: You have taught us more about love in your short time with us than a lifetime could have. May you only know love and no more pain. You are with Nana now, rocking you and holding you until we can be with you again.

We let you go to God, we will carry you in our hearts forever.
Daddy, Mommy & Andy


Kaylee Lynn

August 22, 2007


We will always love you and miss you baby. We are sorry we had to let you go and we will see you again someday

mommy and daddy


Aiden Robert Smith

August 25, 2007

Forever in my heart,
See you again when its my time sweetheart

mummy xxx


Livia Tavora Pache de Faria

September 11, 2007 ~ 37 weeks


My flower Livia came back toward the arms of God leaving an orphan mother and father. Now she is an angel, the star most shining in the sky. My Dream, My Life

We always love you,
Mommy and Daddy


Our Precious Angel Gabriella

September 19, 2007 ~ 17 weeks

Cystic Hygroma with Hydrops

God took you away from us because he had a better life planned for you. You will be in our hearts forever.

With love always,
Your parents Michelle and Matt



September 28, 2007~ 20 Weeks

Diagnosed with Anencephaly

You will always have a piece of our hearts!


Baby Geer

November 2, 2007 ~ 25 weeks

Our darling precious angel, as I carried you demised in my belly for four days, I was sad but relieved that you were spared the pain and suffering of your defect. Daddy and I miss you terribly and your brother asks for you daily. Please know that you are loved and will always be remembered. I wish I could hold you in my arms forever, smell your sweet scent, cherish your smile, gaze into your innocent eyes and hear your childish laugh. We are all deprived of all this. I am looking forward to holding you in heaven someday. I know you are safe in our father's arms. Rest in peace my love.

We love you,
Mommy, Daddy and big brother Christian


Sarah Aislin

November 15, 2007 ~ 14 weeks, 6 days

Trisomy 18

Our precious baby girl, our princess, our dream. You were with us for only a short while, but will remain in our hearts forever and always.

Mommy & Daddy


Zoya Heaven

November 27, 2007
Trisomy 18

My sweet little one, your name means life in Heaven.
I can't wait to meet you there.
Until then, I will carry you in my heart
I have always loved you and I always will.

Love Your Mommy


Our Little Spirit

November 30, 2007
Trisomy 21

To our little spirit, to whom we said goodbye far too early:
We love you, and we hope to meet your spirit again some day.
Angel date: 11/30/2007, EDD 5/10/2008

Mommy & Daddy


Our Two

Our girl, January 21, 2005

Our boy, December 12, 2007

Trisomy 21

We believe that they will be named
when they are born, into a better life.
We wanted you. We miss you.
We love you enough to let you try again.


Our baby boy

December 12, 2007

Today is a year since we lost you.
Not a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts.
You will always be in our hearts.

Mommy and Daddy